Curtis Comes To You

Often districts, schools, and other entities ask whether The Curtis Center can provide expertise for a variety of their site specific mathematics education needs. The answer is most often, "Yes"!

The Curtis Center provides:

  • district wide or school wide teacher training
  • district wide principal and asst. principal training
  • training of district math teacher leaders (train the trainers)
  • consultancy on designing a textbook adoption process, designing acceleration pathways, choosing between integrated vs. traditional pathways, etc.

Please contact us at and let us know your specialized need to start a personalized relationship between The Curtis Center and your site.

What people are saying:

"I should tell you that the Integrated Math program here is going very well. We have a good solid program rooted in a 'sane' methodology. The acceleration issues have quieted for the most part and the courses reflect the pedagogy you inspired. You did great work here."

Pat Schlosser
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services,
Apple Valley Unified School District

"I want to thank everyone involved who assisted us in making our staff development a success. I've been waiting to find a connection to a knowledgeable and professional group of individuals who know mathematics and I know I've found that in the Curtis Center. I hope to be able to call upon the Curtis Center in the future for additional teacher training."

Jayson Quintanilla
GATE Coordinator, Teacher
Madison Middle School

"I am the assistant principal in charge of curriculum and instruction at John Burroughs High School in the Burbank Unified School District. The math teachers here at JBHS have been raving about your training you provided through the district."

Oscar Macias
Assistant Principal - Instruction
John Burroughs High School

"I can't thank you enough as a teacher, employee of my district, and as a mom. Your teaching and demonstration have been changing the culture of our district with Common Core. You really change the world for our students in the area."

Mrs. Nicole Kim, MA in Teaching
CC Algebra 1 Curriculum Site Leader
Algebra I, Honors Algebra I, & Geometry
Rancho Pico Jr. High School

"Some of the teachers from our school had the pleasure of hearing you speak in Santa Clarita two weeks ago. They have been raving about how inspirational you were and want me to try to get you to speak to our staff."

Michele Bowes
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Director
iLEAD Education

"I was at your professional development (PD) yesterday with Newhall and loved it. I went home and four of us spent a couple of hours trying to get the “Rats and cats” problem. We had fun and my a friend got the answer, but could not explain! It is 12 cats, and I attached my work from this morning. I hope you can read it. I am so proud that I figured it out! Thanks for all you do."

Sarah Johnson
Peachland Elementary