Where Do I Start?

Teaching Majors, Minors, and Introductory Courses

Introductory Courses


Students who complete the CalTeach-Math courses are thoroughly prepared for admission to a California credential program. You may take one class or take them all as an undergraduate at UCLA. The senior CalTeach course is required in the Math for Teaching major and minor, as well as JMEP, but you do not need to have completed the freshman-junior CalTeach courses to enroll. They are open to all Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math majors. See more details under Introductory Courses.

Math for Teaching Major and Minor

Math for Teaching Major

The Mathematics for Teaching major is designed for students planning to teach mathematics at a secondary school. The major is not weak, purposefully including the coursework preparatory for graduate school in mathematics. It provides broad exposure to mathematical knowledge for teaching, an introduction to an array of professional issues in mathematics teaching and a substantial foundation for potential teacher leaders. See the specifics here.

Math for Teaching Minor

The Mathematics for Teaching minor is designed for students majoring in fields other than mathematics who plan to teach secondary mathematics after graduation. See the specifics here.

Joint Math Education Program

JMEP is the most robust math education program offered at UCLA for math majors and math teaching minors interested in secondary education. JMEP allows highly qualified mathematics majors who are interested in teaching to begin their first year of credential work while completing their B.S. degrees as seniors. Students in this program earn their teaching credential by the end of the summer following their senior year. The details of this program are under Joint Math Education Program.

Subject Matter Waiver Program

The UCLA Mathematics Department is one of three UC campuses with a CA-approved subject matter program in mathematics, which replaces the need for students to take the California Subject Examination for Teachers (a math exam California math teachers must pass). See the details under Single Subject Waiver Program.

Undergraduate Student Handbook

For more information, please see the Undergraduate Student Handbook.