Joint Math Education Program

Apply to JMEP Applications are due on April 7th, 2017.

The Joint Math/Ed Program (JMEP) is a collaborative effort of UCLA’s Mathematics Department and Graduate School of Education. In this program, participants:

  • Earn their CA Teaching Credential by the summer after graduation
  • Begin teaching full time with a full time salary at the end of that summer
  • Complete a Master's in Education by the following June
Undergraduate Student Handbook

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High Quality Teachers

Mathematics Professor Phil Curtis and Education Professor Marilyn Kourilsky created the Joint Mathematics-Education Program (JMEP) in 1986 as a response to the shortage of well-trained mathematics teachers in middle and high schools. The program seeks to recruit students who are interested in teaching secondary mathematics, teach these students the content and pedagogical knowledge necessary for providing high quality mathematics instruction in local urban schools, and provide students with a foundation for future teacher leadership.


Studies of JMEP graduates show, the program had placed well over one hundred and fifty mathematics majors in Los Angeles area schools - mostly inner city schools or those with substantial minority student populations. Over 80% of these graduates are still teaching.

Foundation for Teacher Leadership

Many graduates from the program are quickly recruited for leadership roles in their departments, schools, and districts. UCLA JMEP graduates are often asked to provide departmental leadership to implement innovative programs for struggling students, to serve as department chair, and to teach Advanced Placement courses, etc. At some point in your career, you may want to lead in one of these ways and JMEP will prepare you well.

Finish in 4

The JMEP is a challenging high caliber program. Interested students should try to complete all but five of their major course requirements before their senior year to make room for the Education coursework of the JMEP. In addition, students should complete Math 131A, Math 117 or 110A and Math 123 or 120A by the summer after their junior year to meet the requirements of the JMEP Mathematics coursework. Students who have completed 2 of these 3 prerequisites may be able to enroll with teacher consent.

Click here for a sample schedule for the senior year along with important exam dates and deadlines.

Complete California's Requirements

In addition to the courses within the Math Department and Graduate School of Education, you will need to complete additional requirements set by California. See California Teaching Credential for specific tests and waivers you need to apply for throughout your years at UCLA.

Apply to JMEP

Applications are due by April 7th, 2017.

Apply to JMEP

Students applying for the Joint Mathematics Education Program should have a minimum 3.0 GPA and should have completed the Math 105ABC pre-requisites: Math 110A or 117, Math 123 or 120A, and Math 131A (or equivalent). If you have difficulty enrolling into Math 105ABC, please see the Undergraduate Office (MS 6356).