Math for LA: Credential + MEd Pathway (JMEP)

Earn your California Teaching Credential during your senior year and the summer after you graduate. Earn a master’s degree while you work in the following year.

Students who complete this program will:

  • Earn their CA Teaching Credential by the summer after graduation
  • Begin teaching full time with a full time salary at the end of that summer
  • Complete a Master’s in Education by the following June

To see how this program compares to a traditional pathway, take a look at the graphic below.

More About the Program

This is a challenging high caliber program. We recommend that students take no more than two mathematics courses per quarter while in the program to make adequate room for the required CA credential coursework. In addition, they should complete Math 110A or 117 by the end of their Junior Summer, Math 123 or 120A by the end of their Senior Fall and Math 131A (or equivalent) by the end of their Senior Winter. If you have difficulty enrolling into Math 105ABC, please email

Click here for the tentative coursework schedule.

Students applying for this program should have a GPA reasonably close to 3.0.

Complete California's Requirements

In addition to the courses within the Math Department and Graduate School of Education, you will need to complete additional requirements set by California. See California Teaching Credential for specific tests and waivers you need to apply for throughout your years at UCLA.