We are looking for rising sophomore, junior, or senior STEM majors to join the Applied Mathematics Mentorship Program (AMMP), funded by an Algebra 1 Challenge grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The mentorship program will rehumanize mathematics for the majority Black and Latina/o South LA 7th – 9th grade students by engaging them as doers and creators of socially useful and culturally relevant mathematics.


During the first semester of ’22 – ‘23, undergraduates in AMMP will work with South Los Angeles teachers and students as they investigate a mathematics question related to the environmental science of their community, the spread of Covid-19 in their community, or current South LA aerospace efforts. AMMP investigations are the result of collaborations between The Curtis Center, SpaceX, LA start-up Conservify, and UCLA Applied Mathematicians. A goal of AMMP is to embed STEM mentors of similar background in these students’ mathematics experiences, to serve as “windows and mirrors” and highlight mathematics as a socially useful and relevant endeavor, one in which their whole person can engage.


AMMP undergraduates will receive a $2500 stipend.


If you’re selected to participate, you will need:

  • to be able to attend the 30 hour (five days of 6 hours each) Team Lead trainings August 1-5.

  • to be able to attend three follow up Team Lead trainings (6 hours each) on Saturdays that will, more than likely, occur in September.

  • time in your schedule to travel to an AMMP school and participate in a one hour class once a week during the LAUSD Fall Semester (August 17th – December 14th). The Curtis Center will do its best to place you with a class that works with your UCLA course schedule. Middle Schools are located in South Los Angeles. It will take 25-40 minutes each way, depending on traffic.


Please note:

  • Undergraduates do not need a car to participate in AMMP. The Curtis Center will support you with transportation.

  • The AMMP schools are currently deciding which day and time they will offer AMMP investigations for their students.


We are not accepting applications at this time. 


For more information about AMMP, click here

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