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Materials from the NCTM Conference

Parabolas and Transformations - Mike Nakamaye, UNM

This session will examine the beautiful and intricate relationship between parabolas and the quadratic functions that define them. Special emphasis will be placed on transformations. We will take a look at the mathematical explanation for some marvelous everyday properties of parabolas. Online and print resources from the UCLA Curtis Center will be provided.

Arithmetic and Algebra: More Alike Than You Think - Heather Dallas, UCLA and Roger Howe, Yale

We share a sequence of problems that demonstrate how classic one, two and multi-step applied problems from the elementary classroom connect to problems of increasing difficulty in algebra. We share classroom activities designed to help students make these connections between the problems they solved in elementary school and algebra.

Transform How You Think about Math and Molecules - Mike Nakamaye, UNM

Looking to promote deeper understanding of transformational geometry? Take a look at Platonic solids and tilings of the plane through molecular geometry. Online and print resources from the UCLA Curtis Center summer institute will be given.

How are Performance Tasks Created?

Smarter Balanced awarded the UCLA Curtis Center the mission of writing 168 performance tasks for 20 states. The process of developing items for Smarter Balanced assessments includes the UCLA Curtis Center team's collaboration with K-12 teachers, university professors, researchers, bias and sensitivity experts, and content experts. Click on video below to see how these performance tasks are created.

San Francisco Unified School District on Acceleration Pathways

Visit our Math Resource Mapper to search for resources by standard

From Heather Dallas and David Mumford's 2014 CMC - Southern Conference Featured Speaker Talk

Important Research on Acceleration Pathways in CA

Well Organized List of Released SBAC Items

Resources for Choosing a Common Core Textbook

Bird's Eye View of Common Core at Each Grade Level

Resources from the Framework Committee Featured Talk at CMC-S

The following links provide you access to the handouts and powerpoint used at the Curtis Center organized CA Framework Committee Featured Talk at this year's CMC-S annual conference. Seven members of the 2012-2013 Framework Committee presented information, and the talk was very well attended and received.

Measuring the Results of "Algebra 1 For All 8th Graders

Click here for an important paper by the California Department of Education's Dr. Liang regarding longitudinal results of CA's Algebra 1 for 8th grade policy.

Curtis Center helps U.S. Dept. of Education in Race to the Top Assessment Technical Review

In Spring of 2013, the Curtis Center was asked to aid in a technical review of SBAC and PARCC's development of new Common Core assessments.

The results of the review are now available at the below links:

SBAC Releases Sample Performance Tasks:

Click here for SBAC sample performance tasks and claims.

Depth Not Speed: Common Core for Honors Kids

Read an article by Common Core writing team member, Professor Emeritus Hung Hsi Wu, regarding what acceleration should look like with the Common Core math standards.


The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) which is designing the new Common Core end of year assessments for California and a number of other states, released online practice tests in June 2013. The practice tests provide an early look at sets of assessment questions aligned to the Common Core for grades 38 and 11 in both English language arts/literacy and mathematics. The release of the Practice Tests follows the Smarter Balanced Pilot Test, the first large-scale tryout of items and performance tasks, conducted February May 2013.

Common Core Resource

Be able to navigate through the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics more efficiently than before with the "Clickable Common Core"

Announcement from CDE regarding obtaining UC approval for new Common Core courses:

Please remember that individual schools are responsible for submitting and getting approvals from UC for course changes or new courses in order for their graduating seniors to claim the course credits that meet the requirement "C" in their college application. Due to the CCSS transition, UC is expecting to have a huge amount of submissions and you are urged to get into the queue at this link: You may also check or review what you have been approved on the same site.

Jane Liang, Ed.D.
Mathematics Consultant
Standardized Testing and Reporting Program
California Department of Education

Who is credentialed to teach the new Common Core Integrated 1 high school course?

Click here for CTC's guidance on which teachers are qualified in the state of CA to teach the new Common Core Integrated 1 high school course, including guidance on teachers with Subject Matter Authorizations and Supplementary Authorizations in Math.

NEW CPM Integrated Common Core Curriculum

College Preparatory Mathematics (out of the UC Davis Mathematics Department) is scheduled to come out with an "Integrated" or "International" high school curriculum aligned to the Common Core in time for 2013-2014 school year. More info here.

MAA/NCTM joint statement on Calculus in High School

Question: How should secondary schools and colleges envision calculus as the course that sits astride the transition from secondary to postsecondary mathematics for most students heading into mathematically intensive careers? Read the full response here.

Curtis Center Helps Craft Content Standards for California K-12 Math Education

In June 2012, Curtis Center Executive Director Heather Dallas joined the California Academic Content Standards Commission as an invited appointee. The 21-member commission developed academic content standards for K-12 mathematics, which were unanimously adopted by the California State Board of Education in August. By legislation, the standards included the Common Core standards, the result of a state-led effort to develop internationally benchmarked shared educational standards, which states may voluntarily adopt. Mathematics professors Bill McCallum (University of Arizona) and Hung-Hsi Wu (UC Berkeley) were among those who crafted the Common Core standards.

Dallas is also serving on the Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee (CFCC) to assist with the revision of the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (Mathematics Framework). The Mathematics Framework will be revised to incorporate and support the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, adopted by the SBE in August 2010, and to reflect recent research on effective mathematics instruction and current statutes.