Leverage your interests in mathematics and helping others learn mathematics into a rewarding, well paid career in K-12 mathematics education. Mathematics and STEM majors are in high demand in K-12 mathematics education. The work is intellectually challenging, personally rewarding and salaries range from $56k to $150k for 10 months work. More UCLA graduates go on to earn a CA Teaching Credential than graduate from almost any other university in CA.

A significant number of undergraduates in our Math for LA program go on to become teacher leaders, increasing local community access to high quality K-12 mathematics. We encourage you to participate in our programs! We offer outstanding preparation for a career in K-12 mathematics education, a strong foundation for future leadership in the field, a cohort of colleagues to support you in the classroom, and financial support toward your goals.

Math for LA supports undergraduates pursuing a career in K-12 mathematics education through  a sequence of mathematics courses (M73 – 75 & 105), a major and a minor, two credential pathways, and scholarships.

Annual Information Sessions

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October 26th, 2022               Fall Information Session             MS 6620

TBA                                        Spring Information Session           TBA

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The UCLA Math Department offers a sequence of courses which help students develop a professional understanding of K-12 mathematics content, investigate current issues and research in the teaching of mathematics, and observe and participate in K-12 mathematics classrooms. We recommend that students complete Math 73XP, Math 74XP and Math 75XP during their Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years, and Math 105ABC during their senior year. The mathematics department also offers Math for Teaching Major and Math for Teaching Minor to prepare undergraduate students for a career in K-12 mathematics education. Scroll below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply to be a Math for LA member? How do I join?

Students do not need to apply to become a member of Math for LA. You are a Math for LA student if you meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Have completed at least one pedagogical math course offered through the mathematics department: Math 73XP, Math 74XP, Math 75XP, Math 105A, Math 105B or Math 105C
  • Are a Math for Teaching Major or Minor
  • Are in one of our credential pathways that are offered jointly with the Graduate School of Education: Joint Math Education Pathway and the Integrated Pathway
  • Are satisfying the Subject Matter Competence credential requirement via the Subject Matter Preparation Program


I would like to teach right after I graduate with my bachelors. Can I receive teacher trainings and earn a teaching credential as an undergraduate?

Math for LA offers two pathways – jointly created by the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies and the Mathematics Department – each leading to a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics.

In these pathways, you learn about pedagogy and develop the essential skills every teacher needs for their career. You not only learn how to create you own lessons, but you also learn about educational research and theory that will help you cater your lessons to meet the needs of your students. You will also complete teacher observations in nearby public schools and have the opportunity to teach your own lessons to students. By the end of these pathways, you will have developed a teacher toolkit and be ready to teach your own classroom as a full time K-12 math educator.

  1. In the Integrated pathway, students complete courses in education and mathematics during their junior and senior years to earn a California teaching credential upon graduation.
  2. In the Joint Math Education Pathway (JMEP), students complete courses in education and mathematics during their senior year. They complete additional education courses the following summer to earn a California teaching credential. Over the following academic year, they complete graduate courses to earn a master’s degree in Education.


If you have additional questions, please reach out to our student advisors.



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