The Curtis Center creates, disseminates, and applies knowledge of K-12 mathematics, mathematics teaching, and mathematics assessment to help more students be able to understand the mathematics they are learning and apply it in their home, school and work life. Learn more about our services by exploring the menu below.



  • Just in Time Professional Development

    The Curtis Center's Just In Time professional development approach brings mathematics faculty together in course-alike groups throughout the year to further their development of the deep professional mathematical and pedagogical understandings required to engage students in rigorous and engaging mathematics, pursuing conceptual understanding, fluency and authentic, culturally-relevant application with equal intensity.

    Sessions include examination of UCLA Mathematics Department Curtis Center model lessons specifically designed to foster student engagement in the Standards for Mathematical Practice around grade level mathematics. The approach is called "Just In Time" because sessions are custom-designed to be in sync with the school or district's instructional  sequence to facilitate maximal implementation.

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  • Scope and Sequence Design

    The UCLA Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching can work with your mathematics faculty to further align your current Scope and Sequence to the rigor of the Common Core State Standards. This work normally includes:  removing content superfluous to the Common Core Standards, adding in missing standards content, and reordering standards with an eye towards mathematical and pedagogical integrity. This process normally results in deeper faculty understanding of the intended meaning of the standards, an improvement in each course's mathematical “flow”, and content sequencing more in tuned to student motivation.

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  • Customized Programmes

    The UCLA Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching can provide highly customized services to our partner's needs. To provide this level of customization, we have built a team with experience teaching in a variety of school settings; serving on a variety of state and national panels; and experience authoring K-12 and adult curriculum, as well as formative and summative assessments.  As part of UCLA’s dedication to civic engagement, we aim to intertwine our expertise with those of your mathematics faculty and school leadership for the betterment of all our children.

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  • Applied Mathematics Task Writing Course

    A master class in writing meaningful real world mathematics problems for use in K-12 classrooms. In this online course, the UCLA Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching shares its experience authoring over 100 Smarter Balanced Performance Tasks and over 300 K-12 mathematics activities with teachers from around the country. Teachers collaborate with professional mathematicians and mathematics educators in the Curtis Center Task Development Protocol to author their own mathematics classroom activity. From identifying engaging, accessible bridging contexts to final edit and rubric development based on analysis of micro-pilot data gleaned from their own students, teachers learn how to design tasks that engage students in culturally relevant and creative problem solving and justification.

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  • Ask a Mathematician

    Ask a UCLA Mathematician or Mathematics Educator your question! From topology to teaching strategies, from Common Core to combinatorics, and from differential equations to differentiated instruction, we'd love to be a help to you.

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