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Scaffolding Students Toward Mathematical Modeling

Slideshow from a 2016 CMC South Conference session by Executive Director Heather Dallas

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Curtis Center Helps Craft Content Standards for California K-12 Math Education

In June 2012, Curtis Center Executive Director Heather Dallas joined the California Academic Content Standards Commission as an invited appointee.

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MAA/NCTM joint statement on Calculus in High School

How should secondary schools and colleges envision calculus as the course that sits astride the transition from secondary to postsecondary mathematics for most students heading into mathematically intensive careers?

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NEW CPM Integrated Common Core Curriculum

College Preparatory Mathematics’ “Integrated” or “International” high school curriculum aligned to the Common Core for 2013-2014.

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Who is credentialed to teach the new Common Core Integrated 1 high school course?

CTC’s guidance on which teachers are qualified in the state of CA to teach the new Common Core Integrated 1 high school course.

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Announcement from CDE regarding obtaining UC approval for new Common Core courses

Individual schools are responsible for submitting and getting approvals from UC for course changes or new courses.

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Common Core Resource

Navigate through the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics more efficiently than before with the “Clickable Common Core.”

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SBAC Practice Test Now Available

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) released online practice tests in June 2013.

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Depth Not Speed: Common Core for Honors Kids

Professor Emeritus Hung Hsi Wu writes regarding what acceleration should look like with the Common Core math standards.

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Measuring the Results of Algebra 1 For All 8th Graders

California Department of Education’s Dr. Liang regarding longitudinal results of CA’s Algebra 1 for 8th grade policy.

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Resources from the Framework Committee Featured Talk at CMC-S

Handouts and PowerPoint used at Curtis Center organized CA Framework Committee Featured Talk at this year’s CMC-S annual conference.

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Bird’s Eye View of Common Core at Each Grade Level

Some clusters require greater emphasis based on the depth of the ideas, the time that they take to master, and/or their importance to future mathematics or the demands of college and career readiness.

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Resources for Choosing a Common Core Textbook

The Common Core State Standards were developed through a bipartisan, state-led initiative spearheaded by state superintendents and state governors.

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Heather Dallas and David Mumford’s 2014 CMC-South Featured Speaker Talk

Most of the mathematics students currently encounter is merely abstract and if connected to the world in which they live, the connection is weak.

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Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project

Assessment materials, reporting and consultation services are provided free of charge.

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San Francisco Unified School District on Acceleration Pathways

Decision-making about course enrollment should be put in the hands of students and families in collaboration with teachers, counselors, and other advocates.

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How are Performance Tasks Created?

Smarter Balanced awarded the UCLA Curtis Center the mission of writing 168 performance tasks for 20 states, this video shows the creation process.

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Materials from the NCTM Conference

From Mike Nakamaye (University of New Mexico), Heather Dallas (UCLA), and Roger Howe (Yale)

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