Materials from the NCTM Conference

Parabolas and Transformations – Mike Nakamaye, UNM

This session will examine the beautiful and intricate relationship between parabolas and the quadratic functions that define them. Special emphasis will be placed on transformations. We will take a look at the mathematical explanation for some marvelous everyday properties of parabolas. Online and print resources from the UCLA Curtis Center will be provided.

Arithmetic and Algebra: More Alike Than You Think – Heather Dallas, UCLA and Roger Howe, Yale

We share a sequence of problems that demonstrate how classic one, two and multi-step applied problems from the elementary classroom connect to problems of increasing difficulty in algebra. We share classroom activities designed to help students make these connections between the problems they solved in elementary school and algebra.

Transform How You Think about Math and Molecules – Mike Nakamaye, UNM

Looking to promote deeper understanding of transformational geometry? Take a look at Platonic solids and tilings of the plane through molecular geometry. Online and print resources from the UCLA Curtis Center summer institute will be given.

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