Math For LA: B.S.+ Credential Pathway

Earn your California Teaching Credential during your junior and senior years.

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Students who complete the following coursework will:

  • Earn their CA Teaching Credential upon graduation
  • Begin teaching full time with a full time salary after graduation

Math For LA: B.S. + Credential Pathway Coursework

Typically students complete a Math For Teaching major (or other Math major) while completing the below credential coursework:

Preparing to Finish in 4 Years

We encourage students to complete Math 73SL and Math 74SL in their freshmen and sophomore years to learn about current issues, standards and research in K-12 mathematics instruction. In addition, in these courses students engage in fieldwork which counts towards the 600 hours required for a CA teaching credential.

Additional Credential Requirements

In addition to the courses within the Math Department and Graduate School of Education, you will need to complete additional requirements set by California. See California Teaching Credential for specific tests and waivers you need to apply for throughout your years at UCLA.