Earning a Teaching Credential

You must have a California Teaching Credential to become a mathematics teacher in California public schools. California has set requirements for this credential that ensure that teachers in every classroom are qualified and ready to teach mathematics to diverse student populations. You can meet some of these requirements while you are an undergrad!

California Credential Requirement

While @ UCLA

Subject Matter Competence

Candidates for a CA Single Subject Credential in Mathematics must demonstrate “subject matter competence” by completing a CA-approved Subject Matter Preparation Program or achieving a passing score on California’s three-part Subject Examination for Teachers in Mathematics (CSET).

Complete the Subject Matter Preparation Program

The UCLA Math Department has a
CA-approved Subject Matter Preparation Program
in Mathematics. Upon completion of this program, students request a letter of completion from the UCLA Mathematics Department which verifies their “Subject Matter Competence.” Note: Completing the Math for Teaching Major fulfills the requirements of the Subject Matter Preparation Program.

Please email ugrad@math.ucla.edu once you complete 100% of the coursework to receive a CSET waiver.

Pedagogical Competence

Candidates typically complete a year of coursework in a post-baccalaureate CA-approved teacher credentialing program.

UCLA Math & the GSE&IS’s Integrated & Joint Math/Ed Pathways:

Fast track pathways to complete the pedagogical coursework required for a CA Secondary Teaching Credential in Mathematics concurrent with your B.S. degree or within one year after graduating

Clinical Practice Hours

Candidates must complete 600 hours of supervised clinical practice.


Math 73SL, 74SL and 75SL to begin accruing these hours as soon as possible. Later, enroll in Math 105ABC and other education coursework as part of one of our credential pathways to complete your 600 hours.

US Constitution Test

Test based on the United States Constitution and the California State Government.

Take and pass one of:

Hist 13A/B/C – History of the US and its Colonial Origins
Hist 143A/B – Constitutional History of the United States
Pol Sci 40 – Intro to American Politics

California Basic Skills Requirement

Test of basic reading and mathematics skills.

Obtain a qualifying score on:

the CBEST, an AP Exam, the SAT, the ACT, the CSU EAP Exam, or the CSU Placement exams. Note: UCLA CalTeach will reimburse your CBEST fees upon receipt of your passing score.


California education code requires that all individuals who seek to obtain California credentials receive fingerprint clearance from the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Learn about UCLA’s Fingerprinting Services at: