The UCLA Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching

The Curtis Center is one of a few U.S. K-12 mathematics organizations housed within a Tier 1 mathematical research department. The Center routinely uses non-hierarchical collaborative communities of K-12 and university mathematics faculty and industry professionals to work towards a world in which all students have access to a world-class mathematics education. Currently, we create, disseminate, and apply knowledge of K-12 mathematics, teaching, and assessment with the goal of engaging all students in rigorous and engaging mathematical activity that emphasizes conceptual understanding, fluency and authentic, culturally-relevant application with equal intensity.

Our work includes:

  • Providing opportunities for K-12 mathematics faculty to grow their knowledge of mathematics and apply it to the work of teaching.
  • Training undergraduates for careers in K-12 mathematics and teacher leadership.
  • Developing mathematics curriculum and assessments that engage students in creative reasoning and meaningful application of mathematics.
  • Training district and school site administrators for mathematics instructional leadership.


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The UCLA Department of Mathematics’ Applied Math group is recruiting for the Research Experience for Teachers (RET). This is an extensive, 8-week long paid internship where participants work in research labs under the guidance of faculty mentors. This project will use machine learning (ML) and AI techniques to assist several community partners with their data driven projects.

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2022 Summer Research Experience for Teachers

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