The Applied Mathematics Mentorship Program (AMMP) motivates students to achieve in mathematics by engaging them on small research teams in a semester-long investigation of applied mathematics questions related to:

Grade 7: Heat Islands in their community
Grade 8: The Spread of Covid-19 in their community
Algebra 1: Aerospace endeavors in their community

Students engage in hands-on activities as they apply the mathematics they are learning in their regular math classes to explore issues related to their overall investigation.

Student research teams are mentored by undergraduate STEM majors of color. The mentorship program rehumanizes mathematics for AMMP students, of whom over 93% are Black or Latino/a, by engaging them as doers and creators of mathematics and by building “windows and mirrors” into their mathematics experiences to encourage them to view mathematics as a Black and Latina/o endeavor, one in which their whole person can engage. Short videos of professionals of color are embedded throughout each investigation. At the culminating AMMP Community Showcase Night, AMMP students will present their investigation results.

Want to read more about AMMP? Click here to read an article written in the UCLA Math Department August 2021 publication.

MathReport2021-AMMP Article Only

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