The Curtis Center is proud to now offer the Applied Mathematics Mentorship Program (AMMP) for use with Grades 7, 8 and 9 students. AMMP engages students in a semester-long applied mathematics investigation that supports the grade-level mathematics that they are learning in their regular mathematics classroom. AMMP rehumanizes mathematics for students by engaging them as doers and creators of mathematics as they research a mathematics question in environmental science, epidemiology, or aerospace. In particular, Grade 7 students investigate heat islands in their community, Grade 8 students investigate the spread of Covid in their community, and Grade 9 students investigate the launch, dock and return of the SpaceX Falcon 9.

In addition, STEM professionals of color are embedded throughout the program, as mirrors and windows in students’ mathematical experience.  As a result, AMMP students learn that mathematics is a socially useful endeavor in which their whole person can engage. The mathematics of each AMMP investigation supports the Common Core Mathematics Standards for the specific grade level for which it was written.

AMMP was collaboratively created by The Curtis Center, Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy, William Jefferson Clinton Middle School, Western Avenue T.E.C.H. Magnet, South LA aerospace engineers, mathematicians at the MycoFluidics Lab at UCLA, and FieldKit as part of Balance the Equation , the first ever Gates Grand Challenge for U.S. education.



  • Click here to read an article in the UCLA Newsroom highlighting the culminating night of three AMMP investigations recently completed in South Los Angeles schools.
  • Click here to read an article written in the UCLA Math Department August 2021 publication.
  • Click here to watch Telemundo coverage of the culminating event of the inaugural semester of AMMP in LAUSD South Los Angeles Schools.


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