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The UCLA Curtis Center collaborates with K-12 mathematics teachers throughout the country and provides a range of service to support their invaluable work.

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Smarter Balanced Performance Task Writing Course

Smarter Balanced Performance Task Writing Course

The UCLA Curtis Center was chosen by Smarter Balanced to create a bank of performance tasks for the end-of-year assessment given in 14 states and territories. Teachers will be taken through the same process our writers went through to generate assessment items with meaningful real-world contexts that require students to think creatively and justify their thinking. This process includes creating rubrics, analyzing student work, collaborating online with research mathematicians and educational professionals, providing access for students of all abilities, and building professional relationships with colleagues. Participants in the course will leave with an insider understanding of the SBAC assessment items, a bank of performance tasks to use in their classrooms, and meaningful professional growth. The course is offered to individuals, schools, and districts.

Ask a Mathematics Education Question

Ask a Mathematics Education Question

Do you have a question for a UCLA Curtis Center mathematician or math educator? Send it our way and we will forward it to a specialist in that field. We can handle anything from topology to teaching strategies, from Common Core to combinatorics, and from differential equations to differentiated instruction.

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Professional Development Programs

Professional Development Programs

Would you like the UCLA Curtis Center to visit your school or district? Our team of experienced mathematics education professionals and mathematicians has worked with schools and groups around the country to improve teacher content knowledge, create meaningful assessments, write curriculum, coach new teachers, and so much more.

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In June 2012, Curtis Center Executive Director Heather Dallas joined the California Academic Content Standards Commission as an invited appointee.

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MAA/NCTM joint statement on Calculus in High School

How should secondary schools and colleges envision calculus as the course that sits astride the transition from secondary to postsecondary mathematics for most students heading into mathematically intensive careers?

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