Overview of California Teaching Credential Requirements

CA Credential Requirement

Alternative at UCLA

California Basic Education Skills Test

Test of basic skills in reading writing, and arithmetic


US Constitution Test

Test based on the United States Constitution and the California State Government

Take and pass one class from:

Hist 13 A/B/C, Hist 7A/B, Hist 151 A/B, Poli Sci 1, Poli Sci 172A/B, Poli Sci 40


California education code requires that all individuals who seek to obtain California credentials receive fingerprint clearance from the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation


California Subject Examinations

Achieve a passing score on a three part CSET for mathematics to show "subject matter competence"

Subject Matter Program or Math for Teaching Major

UCLA is one of only three campuses with a CA-approved Subject Matter Program in mathematics.  Upon completion of this program, students request documetnation from the math department which exempts them from the CSET.  Students who complete the Math for Teaching Major fulfill all requirements for the waiver.

Traditional Education Program

Apply to UCLA's Graduate School of Education, or another university, for a one-year program after you complete your undergraduate degree. 

UCLA's Joint Math Education Program

UCLA has 2 fast-track programs that allow undergraduates to complete most or all of these courses as undergraduates.  See Math For LA: Finish in 4 and Math for LA: Finish in 5.