Math Teaching Credentials

Earning a Credential to Teach Secondary Mathematics in the State of CA

1. Learn the math

At least take Math 105ABC!

In this three quarter senior year "capstone" course, students develop a professional level understanding of secondary school mathematics including its connections with upper division mathematics. In addition, students develop what research calls "pedagogical content knowledge": the mathematical knowledge uniquely required for teaching. Students also engage in Japanese lesson study: the development of a mathematically accurate and pedagogically appropriate lesson through a process of planning, teaching, and revision.

Complete the Subject Matter Preparation Program

Applicants for a California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics must verify their "subject matter competence" to teach mathematics in one of two ways: 1) complete a sequence of approved courses (called a "subject matter preparation program" or 2) take an exam.

The UCLA Mathematics Department is one of three UC campuses with a CA-approved subject matter program. The courses comprising the program are listed here. Students who complete this coursework may request a letter from the Mathematics Department's Undergraduate Office to verify their subject matter competence to the state of CA for the CA Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics.

Majoring in Math for Teaching!

The UCLA Math for Teaching Major was especially designed by experienced teachers working together with research mathematicians, with attention to the recommendations of the Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences. The major is designed to provide undergraduates the breadth and depth of mathematical knowledge required to be an outstanding mathematics teacher. For instance, the major's physics requirement exposes students to many real world applications of school mathematics; the real analysis requirement prepares students to teach AP Calculus; while its probability and statistics requirement prepare students to teach AP Statistics. The major is not weak, purposefully including the coursework preparatory for graduate school in mathematics. The major includes the coursework of the Subject Matter Preparation Program, so students who complete the Math for Teaching major automatically earn "subject matter competence" in the State of CA. For more info see the handbook

New for 2015-2016! The Math for Teaching minor for non-math majors

The Mathematics for Teaching minor is designed for students majoring in fields other that mathematics who plan to teach secondary mathematics after graduation. The minor includes the coursework prerequisite to the Department’s Joint Mathematics Education Program with the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (GSE&IS). The minor provides additional upper division coursework in mathematics relevant to the secondary school curriculum: algebra, geometry, and analysis. This coursework also prepares students for content on the California Subject Examination for Teachers, which is required to prove competence in the subject matter. In addition, the minor provides the coursework on secondary mathematics from an advanced standpoint which is recommended by the Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences. For more info click here

2. Prove to CA that you know the math

Complete a CA approved Subject Matter Preparation Program (see UCLA's program above). Obtain a letter from the Mathematics Department in which you completed the program to provide the State and future employers proving you have "subject matter competence."

Take the required tests

3. Enroll in a credential program


Fast track two year credential and masters program, begun in undergraduate senior year:
The Joint Math/Ed Program (JMEP) is a collaborative effort of the UCLA Mathematics Department and the Graduate School of Education's Teacher Education Program. In this program, students begin work toward a California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics and a Master of Education degree during their senior year, and complete this coursework by the end of the academic year immediately following completion of their bachelor's degree. The program enables students to earn a full time salary (about $45,000) while teaching full time in Los Angeles urban schools during the academic year immediately following their bachelor's degree.

For more information click here and here.