We encourage junior math majors considering teaching mathematics as a profession to:

  • take the Math 75 XP* seminar
  • complete Math 117 or 110A, 123 or 120A, and 131A
  • complete three or four more of your particular math major’s upper division coursework
  • if you are working on the Math for LA: Integrated Pathway, complete Ed 107A (undergrad equivalent of 406), Ed 127 (undergrad equivalent of 407), Ed 174 A, B, & C and take Ed 409 & 425 the summer before your senior year
  • if you are interested in applying for the Math for LA: Joint Math/Ed Pathway, be sure to check our website for the application deadline


Pedagogical Content Courses

Math 75XP: Mathematics and Pedagogy for Teaching Middle School Mathematics
Spring Quarter

Explore grades 6-8 mathematics from a professional perspective. Practice effective teaching strategies for all learners. Discuss current research and standards in math education. Complete field work in a local middle school. Prerequisite: None. This field experience counts for 20 of the 600 clinical fieldwork hours required for a CA Teaching Credential.

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If you were not able to sign up for Math 73XP freshman year or Math 74XP sophomore year, you can enroll in those courses this year as well. Math 73XP is only offered in the Fall and Math 74XP is only offered in the Winter.

Integrated Pathway: Ed 174ABC

In Ed 174ABC you will meet other juniors planning on teaching mathematics as a profession. Each quarter of this course includes 40 hours of field experience in neighboring schools. This field experience counts for 120 of the 600 clinical fieldwork hours required for a CA Teaching Credential.

Credential Requirements and Pathways

Credential Requirements and Preparation for Math for LA Pathways
  • If you have not already done so, please satisfy the U.S. Constitution requirement for the CA Teaching Credential by either:
    1. Completing one of the following courses: Hist 13A, Hist 13B, Hist 13C, Hist 143A, Hist 143B, or Pol Sci 40
    2. Passing the U.S. Constitution TestRegister for it here.
  • Find more information on our Math for LA Teaching Credential Pathways here
    • Students apply for the Joint Math Education Pathway December 1st of their Junior year!
  • If you have not already done so, please pass the California Basic Educational Skills Register for it here.
  • Work towards satisfying the Subject Matter Competence requirement for the CA Teaching Credential by either: completing a Math For Teaching Major, the Math Department’s Subject Matter Program, or gather more information regarding the California Subject Exam for Teachers.




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