Seniors Math Majors

We encourage seniors planning to teaching mathematics as a profession to:

*About the Education Coursework

The Education coursework above is the pedagogical coursework required for a CA Teaching Credential. In addition, you will need to complete the EdTPA, a portfolio-like summative assessment. You will be guided through writing your EdTPA in these classes. Finally, the coursework includes 280 of the 600 hours of clinical fieldwork required for a CA Teaching Credential.

**Math 105ABC

The Math 105AB&C coursework includes field experience that counts for 20 of the 600 clinical fieldwork hours required for a CA Teaching Credential. Prerequisite: 115A only.

Please note: The prerequisites for Math 105 are in the process of being changed. Please email with questions and/or for a 105 PTE!

Credential Requirements and Math for LA Pathways

If you have questions, please reach out to our student advisors.