Junior Non-Math Majors:

We encourage juniors interested in teaching mathematics as a profession who are majoring in a subject other than mathematics to:

  • complete Math 117 or 110A, 123 or 120A, and 131A
  • if you are working on the Math for LA: Integrated Pathway, complete Ed 130, Ed 127, Ed 170 C, D, & E** and take Ed 409 & 425 the summer before your senior year
  • if you are interested in applying for the Math for LA: Joint Math/Ed Pathway, be sure to check our website for the application deadline
*Math 75SL

Coming soon!

**About Ed 170CDE:

In Ed 170CDE you will meet other juniors planning on teaching mathematics as a profession. Each quarter of this course includes 40 hours of field experience in neighboring schools. This field experience counts for 120 of the 600 clinical fieldwork hours required for a CA Teaching Credential.

Credential Requirements and Preparation for Math for LA Pathways

If you have questions, please reach out to our student advisors.